SWAINGER FAMILY From Wiveliscombe in Devon.
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Generation Number Generation No 8
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33. JOSEPH THOMAS SLADE8 SWAINGER (THOMAS SLADE7, JOSEPH6 , WILLIAM5, JOHN4, THOMAS3, PETER2, JOHN1 SANGER) was born 1863 in Sudbrook, South Hamlet, Gls, Eng, and died 12 March 1920 in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yks, Eng.
He married ELLEN FAHEY 14 July 1885 in Sunderland, Dur, Eng. She was born 1861 in Sunderland, Dur, Eng, and died 14 November 1922 in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yks, Eng.

Census Details

Census Location Family
1881 Census  Dwelling 43 Aylmer St
Census Place Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England 
Eleanor SWAINGER Head W Female 61 Painswick, Gloucester, England
Henry SWAINGER Son U Male 24 Painswick, Gloucester, England Iron Ship Rivetter
William SWAINGER Son U Male 22 Painswick, Gloucester, England Iron Ship Rivetter
John T.S. SWAINGER Son U Male 17 Painswick, Gloucester, England Rivet Heater
Henry D. SWAINGER Grandson Male 8 Worcester, England Scholar  

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i. ADA9 SWAINGER, b. Aft. 1886; d. Unknown.
ii. MARY ELLEANOR SWAINGER, b. Aft. 1888, Sunderland, Dur, Eng; d. Unknown.
55. iii. THOMAS WILLIAM SWAINGER, b. 1893, Hartlepool, Dur, Eng; d. 31 January 1960, Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yks, Eng.
iv. MARGARET SWAINGER, b. 1896, Drypool, Hull, Yks; d. Unknown.
v. LILY MARGARET SWAINGER, b. 1897; d. Unknown.
vi. JOHN HENRY SWAINGER, b. 1901, Drypool, Hull, Yks; d. Unknown.