SWAINGER FAMILY From Wiveliscombe in Devon.
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Generation Number Generation No 8
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31. HENRY8 SWAINGER (THOMAS SLADE7, JOSEPH6 , WILLIAM5, JOHN4, THOMAS3, PETER2, JOHN1 SANGER) was born 1856 in Hempstead, Gloucester, Gls, Eng, and died 11 November 1933 in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yks, Eng.
He married MARY ANN WILSON 9 January 1881 in Sunderland, Dur, Eng. She was born 1859 in Bishopwearmouth, Dur, Eng, and died 3 July 1898 in Hull East, Yks, Eng.
.He married (2) MARIA HORNSBY 19 July 1917 in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng. She was born 1864 in Crosby, Scunthorpe, Lin, and died 20 September 1948 in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng. 

Census Details

Census Location Family
1871 Census  Dwelling: St Andrews
Census Place: Worcester, Wor, Eng  
Eleanor SWAINGER Head Widow 57 Painswick, Gls
Fanny SWAINGER Daur 20 Stay maker Painswick, Gls
Hannah SWAINGER Daur 18 Stay maker Painswick, Gls
Eliza SWAINGER Daur 16 Pickling works Stroud, Gls
Henry SWAINGER Son 15 Labourer Gloucester, Gls
William SWAINGER Son 13 Labourer Gloucester, Gls
Jane SWAINGER Daur 9 Scholar Gloucester, Gls
Thomas SWAINGER Son 7 Scholar Gloucester, Gls 
Census Location Family
1881 Census   Dwelling 43 Aylmer St
Census Place Bishopwearmouth, Durham, England  
Eleanor SWAINGER Head W Female 61 Painswick, Gloucester, England
Henry SWAINGER Son U Male 24 Painswick, Gloucester, England Iron Ship Rivetter
William SWAINGER Son U Male 22 Painswick, Gloucester, England Iron Ship Rivetter
John T.S. SWAINGER Son U Male 17 Painswick, Gloucester, England Rivet Heater
Henry D. SWAINGER Grandson Male 8 Worcester, England Scholar   

More Photos & Notes

50. i. HENRY SLADE9 SWAINGER, b. 1882; d. 24 February 1966, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
ii. SUSAN SWAINGER, b. 1883, Sunderland, Dur, Eng; d. 24 February 1966, Hounslow, Mdx, Eng; m. WALTER READ, 23 September 1909, Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yks, Eng; b. 1883, Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yks, Eng; d. 1973, Lei, Eng.
51. iii. ERNEST SWAINGER, b. 1885, Sunderland, Dur, Eng; d. 27 November 1958, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng.
52. iv. ALBERT SWAINGER, b. 1887, Sunderland, Dur, Eng; d. 10 November 1950, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng.
v. WILLIAM SWAINGER, b. 1888, Sunderland, Dur, Eng; d. 14 January 1889, Sunderland, Dur, Eng.
vi. MARY ELIZA SWAINGER, b. 1889, Sunderland, Dur, Eng; d. 17 April 1890, Sunderland, Dur, Eng.
53. vii. JOSEPH WILLIAM SWAINGER, b. 1891; d. 24 July 1951, Lower Agbrigg, Yks, Eng.
viii. JAMES SWAINGER, b. Abt. 1891, Sunderland, Dur, Eng; d. Unknown.
54. ix. ELIZABETH JANE SWAINGER, b. 1894, Monkwearmouth, Dur, Eng; d. 12 April 1985, Long Eaton, Dby, Eng.
x. FREDERICK SWAINGER, b. 1894; d. 9 March 1962, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng; m. (1) MARY ANN WARD, 22 January 1922, St Andrew & St Peter, Drypool, Kingsto-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng; b. Abt. 1895; d. Unknown; m. (2) MARGARET FARRELL, 1933, St Philip's, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng; b. 1904, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng; d. 14 January 1970, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yks, Eng.
xi. MARY ELIZABETH SWAINGER, b. 1898; d. 19 August 1898, Sunderland, Dur, Eng.