SWAINGER FAMILY From Wiveliscombe in Devon.
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Generation Number Generation No 7
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17. HENRY7 SWANGER (JOSEPH6 , WILLIAM5, JOHN4, THOMAS3, PETER2, JOHN1 SANGER) was born 1811 in Wiveliscombe, Som, Eng, and died Unknown.
He married HARRIET RICE. She was born 1812 in London, Mdx, Eng, and died Unknown. 

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i. ELIZABETH8 SWANGER, b. 1836, London, Mdx, Eng; d. Unknown.
ii. HENRY SWANGER, b. 1838, London, Mdx, Eng; ; d. 29 September 1844, Wiveliscombe, Som, Eng
iii. EMMA SWANGER, b. 1840, London, Mdx, Eng; d. Unknown.
iv. WILLIAM SWANGER, b. 1842, Soho, Westminster, London, Mdx, Eng; d. 5 May 1844, Camden, London, Eng.
v. ANN ELIZABETH SWANGER, b. 1844, St Pancras, London, Mdx, Eng; d. Unknown; m. JAMES RUMSEY, 12 June 1864, St Peter's, De Beauvoir Square, Hackney, London, Eng; b. Bef. 1840; d. Unknown.
vi. HENRY SWANGER, b. 1845, St Pancras, London, Mdx, Eng; d. Unknown.
34. vii. JOSEPH SWANGER, b. 1847, Bath, Som, Eng; d. 11 October 1908, Walcot, Bath, Som, Eng.
35. viii. ALFRED SWANGER, b. 1849, Bath, Som, Eng; d. 10 April 1911, Boscombe, Bournemouth, Ham, Eng.
36. ix. WALTER SWANGER, b. 1851, Bath, Som, Eng; d. 1904, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
x. ALICE SWANGER, b. 1854, Bath, Som, Eng; d. Unknown.