SWAINGER FAMILY From Wiveliscombe in Devon.
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Generation Number Generation No 8
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28. FANNY8 SWAINGER (THOMAS SLADE7, JOSEPH6 , WILLIAM5, JOHN4, THOMAS3, PETER2, JOHN1 SANGER) was born 1850 in Painswick, Gls, Eng, and died 12 March 1923 in Ward Street, Sunderland, Dur, Eng.
She married ALEXANDER STEWART SMITH MCCONNOCHIE 22 April 1875 in Sunderland, Dur, Eng. He was born 1847 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland, and died Unknown.

Census Details

Census Location Family
1851 Census  Dwelling: Bisley St
Census Place: Painswick, Gls  
Thomas SWAINGER Head Marr 40 Blacksmith Wiveliscombe, Som
Ellen SWAINGER Wife Marr 30 Painswick, Gls
Mary A SWAINGER Daur 8 Scholar Painswick, Gls
Thomas SWAINGER Son 6 Scholar Painswick, Gls
Ellen SWAINGER Daur 4 Painswick, Gls
John SWAINGER Son 4 Painswick, Gls
Emily SWAINGER Daur 2 Painswick, Gls
Fanny SWAINGER Daur 5 months Painswick, Gls 
Census Location Family
1861 Census  Dwelling: Bristol Rd, South Hamlet
Census Place: Gloucester, Gls 
Thomas SWAINGER Head Marr 51 Blacksmith Wiveliscombe, Som
Eleanor SWAINGER Wife Marr 41 Painswick, Gls
Mary Ann SWAINGER Daur 18 Painswick, Gls
John SWAINGER Son 16 Painswick, Gls
Emily SWAINGER Daur 12 Painswick, Gls
Fanny SWAINGER Daur 10 Painswick, Gls
Harriet SWAINGER Daur 8 Painswick, Gls 
Census Location Family
1871 Census  Dwelling: St Andrews
Census Place: Worcester, Wor, Eng   
Eleanor SWAINGER Head Widow 57 Painswick, Gls
Fanny SWAINGER Daur 20 Stay maker Painswick, Gls
Hannah SWAINGER Daur 18 Stay maker Painswick, Gls
Eliza SWAINGER Daur 16 Pickling works Stroud, Gls
Henry SWAINGER Son 15 Labourer Gloucester, Gls
William SWAINGER Son 13 Labourer Gloucester, Gls
Jane SWAINGER Daur 9 Scholar Gloucester, Gls
Thomas SWAINGER Son 7 Scholar Gloucester, Gls 

More Photos & Notes

i. ELLEANOR HUNT9 MCCONNOCHIE, b. 1871, Bridport, Wor, Eng; d. Unknown.
ii. ALEXANDER M SWAINGER, b. 1875, Sunderland, Dur, Eng; d. 1875, Sunderland, Dur, Eng.
iii. HUGH WILLIAM MCCONNOCHIE, b. 1880; d. Unknown.
iv. ALEXANDER MCCONNOCHIE, b. 1884; d. March 1899, Sunderland, Dur, Eng.
v. FANNY MCCONNOCHIE, b. 1887; d. Unknown.